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Answers to All Your Questions Related to Trike Conversion

There’s quite a range of what a trike conversion will cost for your bike. And, there are a lot of options to consider.

The price lists on our website are there to help guide you through the upgrades you can choose to determine what best fits your needs.

The labor portion is not included in the price list due to the fact that the labor will vary with the number of options chosen and the particular installers shop rate. It’s best to contact a dealer to get an exact quote for what you want.

To give you an idea of costs, click HERE to check out 2021 ROADSMITH HDTR page and scroll to the bottom to download a .PDF of the Price List!

Our manufacturing lead times vary depending on orders placed. That’s because each kit is built specifically to your order and options chosen.

Generally speaking, a kit ordered for your bike will run about 3-6 weeks to be built and the dealer should have your bike for 2-4 days.


A trike may seem a bit odd to drive if you’ve never steered a trike or a four-wheeler (ATV) before.

If you’ve only counter-steered a traditional motorcycle, the steering of a trike is a bit different. That said, it’s definitely not hard. In fact, a new motorcycle or ATV rider will pick up the steering right away.

We also always recommend installing one of our steering kits to make them even easier, physically, to turn.

HERE is the concept behind the steering kit and why it works so well: ROADSMITH Steering Kit

No – Not unless the issue you have with your bike was caused by the trike conversion.

Also, it’s good to know that the Magnuson Moss Act protects consumers from vehicle manufacturers not warrantying their vehicle because of unrelated accessories, just in case an issue arises.


The first time you drive a trike, you may feel like it’s leaning outward into a corner, but in reality it isn’t tipping any more than your car.

And that feeling will go away quickly.

A typical trike will reduce your fuel mileage by about 3-5 miles-per-gallon. That’s because your trike will be running about the same RPMs but will be pushing an added 275-300-pounds, not to mention some added wind drag.

We do offer an auxiliary fuel tank on most of our touring models. If you’re riding with two-wheeled motorcycles, this option means you’re not the one shortening the group’s range.

Plus, you’ll have the added piece of mind knowing you can reach your destination if you happened to overestimate your range.

Yes, you can. That said, we recommend investing a little bit more and having one of our trained dealers install your trike kit. The installation price is typically pretty reasonable, especially when considering the overall investment of your bike and conversion kit.

We do, however, offer our trike kits for self-installation for the folks that are looking for a winter project, or that do not have a dealer reasonably nearby.

Click HERE for our online DEALER LOCATOR to find the closest ROADSMITH Dealer and/or Certified Installation Center.

What makes ROADSMITH the Industry Leader in Trike Conversion Kits?

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