ROADSMITH AccuRide (Shaft-Drive)



A trademark of ROADSMITH, this convenient new option is an auto-leveling system that adjusts the rear Progressive Air Shocks for various loads with completely automatically! 

Using a magnetic sensor, AccuRide knows exactly how much to ‘air up’ or ‘air down’ the shocks depending on the load. The system is passive, meaning it adjusts the height when stopped and does not make changes to the trike’s suspension once it it in motion, so you do not have to worry about any unwanted changes happening that might upset the bike’s handling without you knowing.

Typically taking about 30-45 seconds to adjust, this system works much the same way as those on some of today’s high-end automobiles, trucks and SUVs, using the magnet sensors so it is always at the correct ride-height no matter how much stuff is packed in the bags or whether or not you’re riding solo or with a passenger, thus eliminating all need for manual adjustment height adjustment!

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