ROADSMITH Heavy-Duty Drive-Shaft



All ROADSMITH conversion kits for bikes that come with shaft-drive from the factory as standard equipment, which at this point are the five Hondas models that ROADSMITH TRIKES currently produces, come with a heavy-duty 2-inch diameter drive shaft as standard equipment. This allows them to easily take the high-torque demands produced by both the 1500cc and 1800cc six-cylinder powerplants that come stock in the modern Goldwings and Valkyries.

We manufacture a completely new driveshaft built from full-sized, sealed automotive U-joints and a 2-inch tube, featuring a slip-yoke on one end for easy installation/removal. We use equal-sized joints both front and rear, allowing the joints to “offset” each other for proper balancing and smoothness. They are sealed U-joints as mentioned, which means you don’t ever need to grease them, just like all modern-day cars and trucks, etc.

In fact, they are the exact same components used in full-sized cars and trucks; We figure if they can hold up in vehicles weighting multiple tons and producing several hundred horsepower, they should have no problems in our light-duty trike applications. 

Shaft-Drive Chassis w/Ford Differential


Shaft-Drive Chassis w/New Dodge Differential


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