ROADSMITH HTX1800 Front Fork (Patent-Pending)



Designed in-house at the ROADSMITH TRIKES factory, our (patent-pending) HTX1800 front fork completely replaces the single-piece cast-aluminum ’18-newer Honda Goldwing GL1800 OEM fork with a three-piece, machined-aluminum unit that changes both the rake and trial – optimizing it to not only improve stability, but also quicken the bike’s handling, while yet still making for a more comfortable ride; it really does it ALL and is without a doubt THE best upgrade anyone with a ’18-newer Honda Goldwing can do when converting it into a Trike!

How much have the rake and trail been changed, you ask? That’s an answer that has taken almost five decades of building trikes to perfect, so until the “pending” part of the patent is removed, and “everyone one and their brother” can’t copy it, we’re gonna have to keep that one a ROADSMITH secret… 


ROADSMITH designs, engineers, and produces its own front fork for ’18-newer Honda Goldwing GL1800s (ROADSMITH HTX1800 Conversion Kit), which optimizes the rake and trail for trike applications, improving stability, handling, and comfort, and it is currently in the the final stages of the patent-application-approval process!

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