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“Behind the Scenes: Factory-Styled Bodywork”

ROADSMITH Trunk Design


*Pictured above: ROADSMITH HTX1800 Conversion Kit for ’18-Newer Honda Goldwings.

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ROADSMITH Conversion Kits’ trunks are designed to be easy to access and provide as much usable space as possible.

We use a simple set of hinges that do not impede into the storage area like some other manufacturers. We make the doors wide, for easy loading, and the inner compartment flat-bottomed to maximize space.

When the door is open it is held in place with a pair of retractable cables that neatly disappear once the door is closed. The interior of most models comes with urethane-backed, padded carpet throughout that is secured in place with Velcro if you’d like to take it out and clean it. 

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